Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, well, well...

It seems as though the old crew is starting to miss the days of NDCF and other memories of that golden era. What was it that disbanded this so called "brotherhood" of athletes? Was it soccer season, was it baseball season, was it everyone getting frightened of Glee when he couldn't finish a workout, was it Dors hyper intellectual comments on neo-american educational philosophy and how it is directly affecting his sexuality? All I do know, is this...there is a new sherriff in town. His name is Ashley, and he will shut down any crossfit acitvity he sees in close geographic proximity. "I can smell crossfit from a mile away, and I aint puttin up with it anymore!" says Sherrif Moore.

What will become of NDCF? Will they ever do another WOD? Will the Moore regime spread to other areas of the country and slowly erode the new frontier that Crossfit has claimed between the eastern and western seaboards. Who will emerge from the ruins of the old CF crew and revitalize the days of yon. Will it be Jorge, Will it be Dor, Will it be Glee after his knee surgery from an injury sustained during a little league game in '83? Or will Coach Moore finally see the light, and stop forcing his "punishment" workout style on us for all eternity. I wish I could tell you the outcome...but I can not.